Help mothers in the Global South

Help mothers in the Global South

While the effects of climate change are being felt around the world, women in the Global South are experiencing these impacts disproportionately. Recent studies highlight how women, and even more so, women in developing countries, are hit hardest. In the Global South, for example, climate change often plays a role in extremely dry conditions. Traditionally in many countries it is a women's job to collect water, and due to the drought it takes more time and is more difficult

In response, Mothers Rebellion was born: a movement born from XR and other organizations where mothers from all over the world come together with one common goal - to demand conservation, restoration, and a future free of fossil fuels. Their voices are crucial in shaping a sustainable future, but without the necessary resources, their potential remains untapped.

That's why we're asking for your help!

In May, around Mother's Day, Mothers* Rebellion is organizing a global campaign specifically aimed at raising awareness of the unique challenges women and mothers face due to climate change. Your contribution will directly support mothers to attend the action and travel to climate conferences so they can effectively represent their communities and countries.

Many mothers do not have enough money to buy a bus or train ticket to participate in the campaign, that is why we want to help raise money so that as many mothers as possible can come together to make their voices heard!

During the previous campaign, 90 groups of mothers from 30 different countries participated, this year we want even more mother rebels to participate!

We aim for a target amount of 10,000 euros so that we can help as many mothers as possible to represent their communities.

That's why we ask you to participate in this special Mother's Day gift by making a rebellious contribution.

Thank you <3

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We are ordinary people, from all corners of the country and of all ages who are deeply concerned about the climate and environmental crisis. We are parents, children, students and grandparents all fighting for a livable future. In a short time span, we have grown from a small group to a powerful movement of hundreds of thousands of rebels worldwide.