Donate against fossil fuel subsidies!

Donate against fossil fuel subsidies!

Donate and stop subsidies to the fossil fuel industry

We are in the midst of a climate and ecological crisis, yet the Dutch government supports the fossil fuel industry with at least 17.5 billion euros per year. This is more than 3 times the amount the Netherlands spends on climate policy and 10 times the amount that goes to renewable energy. With big, disruptive actions we put pressure on Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Climate Minister Rob Jetten to end these dangerous subsidies NOW. But organising these actions costs money…

We spend money on legal support, the materials for blocking, transportation of these materials and on banners, flyers and stickers. With hundreds of people, we blocked the A12 between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and the temporary Lower House four times. These disruptive actions reached all the major news outlets and put lots of pressure on the government to stop fossil fuel subsidies. But we aren’t finished, Saturday 11th of March we will organise an even bigger blockade. And for that we need your help!

By donating the symbolic amount of 17.50 you can support the actions against the fossil fuel subsidies of more than 17.5 billion euros per year. If you have the opportunity to donate regularly: with a monthly or annual donation, you can help us organise even more actions. Every donation, no matter how small, is important and much appreciated. Your donation helps us take action, for you, for our children and for everyone on earth. Support the Rebellion and rebel with your wallet! The time to act is NOW.

All donations are managed by the Stichting Vrienden van XR, a CBF recognized charity. Through this link you will find detailed information about where your contribution goes.

Note: The chosen amount is automatically debited from your account every year. Note: The chosen amount is automatically debited from your account every month.

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