We want justice. Help with a donation

We want justice. Help with a donation

We stand in solidarity with the Just Oil Activists who were harshly condemned for calling attention to the unpunished climate crimes committed by the fossil fuel industry. Months in prison while climate criminals from companies such as Shell, BP and Total Energies walk around freely with blood on their hands.

They called to protect the beauty of the earth and natural world as much as art. People stand up for art, express their indignation at the careless 'destruction' of this beauty. The question of these activists is: where is this emotion, this position, this call for precaution, whenever we are confronted with the tragic consequences of climate and ecological crisis? T

With this action they drew maximum attention to the greatest threat to our way of life. And that without violence against people or significant damage to objects.

We are appalled at the conviction and find it a mockery of justice and fear that if not challenged this conviction will set an example for the prosecution of rebels who will campaign in the future. It is therefore of great importance that the activists appeal, the legal costs of this are estimated at 3000,-

We want to help them, we want justice. Will you help?

Thank you very much

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