Rabobank invests 100 billion in industrial agriculture

Rabobank invests 100 billion in industrial agriculture

With far less, we can hold them accountable!

Earlier this year, people in over 50 towns and cities participated in a poster campaign - and with effect. Rabobank immediately, invited us to explain why we are taking action in a filmed conversation, broadcasted to their 30.000 employees.

What we heard there was, as per usual, all talk and no action. That is why we are now launching a new phase of this campaign, with concrete demands and a clear message: we will rebel until Rabobank meets these demands.


Donate to make this campaign possible!

- €15 can pay for 500 handout cards, which we use to promote the petition

- €50 can support two rebels’ train ride to farmers that would like to share their story about the Rabobank for a social media campaign

- €100 can print over 5000 flyers, of which we want to distribute at least 100.000 nationwide. Door-to-door advertising for Rabobank, but with radical honesty!

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